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Edible Flowers


It’s always nice to satisfy your sweet tooth, but mixing cake and edible flowers to your palate will have your taste buds jumping for joy!


These flowers work wonderfully as cake decorations thanks to their extremely feminine allure. The petals from carnations are sweet and provide a nutmeg or clove like scent. They can also be used in wine or candy, making them the perfect option to freeze in ice cubes to keep your drinks both pretty and cold.

Pick them while they are young and they will give you a sweet honey flavour. If you pick when they have become more mature or older, they will be too bitter. They can be used as a decoration, as well they are easy to find.

It is a popular flavour for tea and desserts; think about favourites like peppermint tea and mint chocolate chip. There are many uses for these flowers and leaves and they can be used as a great garnish for your cake, especially if it’s chocolate.

Let’s just say: Yum! This flower has a flavour similar to cranberry with a hint of citrus. You can use it to make tea, sprinkle it on a salad or use it on the top of a cupcake. No matter which way you use it, it will be a delightful experience.

Sweet like honey and pretty as can be. Honeysuckle flowers are delightful, but make sure you do not eat the berries from this plant as they are not for human consumption.