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The Meaning and Symbolism of Flowers


Symbol of Friendship and devotion / Wealth, prosperity, fortune
Resembling a miniature lily, alstroemeria, often called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. This flowers is found in a range of colours – from white to golden yellow, orange to apricot, pink to red, lavender. Whole alstroemeria flowers are long lasting, colourful flowers used as secondary wedding flowers for centrepieces and bouquets.


Symbol of Anticipation, expectation
Anemones are seasonal delicate flowers that come in white, purple, pink, and red shades. This colourful flower belongs to the family of buttercup. These flowers generally represent anticipation and expectation. “Wind flower” is a common nickname for the anemone, which comes from the Greek word anemos or wind. They generally bloom in shades of white, red, blue and occasionally yellow.


Symbol for hospitality
Like the hospitality they represent, they are long-lasting and irresistibly beautiful and elegant. These exotic flowers are the most popular and long-lasting of the tropical flowers. With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, the anthurium have come to symbolize hospitality. They are also known as the Flamingo because of their distinctive shape and colour.


Symbol of love, daintiness, patience
This September birth flower also holds the honour of being the 20th wedding anniversary flower. Asters have long been considered an enchanted flower. Today, they’re known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience. The name aster is derived from the Greek word for “star,” and its star-like flowers can be found in a rainbow of colours; white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue, with mostly yellow centres.

Bird of Paradise

Meaning: You bring me joy and I appreciate you
If you are having an island-theme party, these are the perfect blooms to get you into a tropical mood! The Bird of Paradise is an excellent flower choice to send for any celebratory occasion. The flower resembles a brightly coloured bird in flight; they represent joyfulness, and are distinctive and striking.


Meaning :General Fascination:

  • Pink - I will never forget you
  • Purple - Capriciousness
  • Red - Admiration, my heart aches for you
  • Striped - So sorry that I can’t be with you
  • White - Pure love, innocence
  • Yellow - Disdain and rejection

Carnations can be found in a wide range of colours, and while in general they express love, fascination and distinction, every colour carries a unique association.


General meaning: You are a wonderful friend, cheerfulness

  • Red - I Love You
  • White - Truth
  • Yellow - Slighted Love

Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and joy. These daisy-like flowers have a typical yellow center and come in a full range of colours, from white to purple to red.

Cockscomb / Celosia

Meaning: Uncomplicated affection
Have silky, intricately curved blooms resembling a cock's comb. They are popular as a filler for bouquets and centrepieces. Celosia is an annual flower whose silky blooms get attention wherever they grow with a wide choice of appearance, size, and colour.


Meaning: Dignity and elegance
The flower is available in an assorted range of colours and is popularly attached with notions of dignity and elegance.

Delphinium / Larkspur - Fun, levity

Meaning: Open heart, fickleness
The flower symbolism associated with the delphinium is big-hearted, fun, lightness, and levity. The name delphinium comes from the Greek word delphis, a reference to the flower's resemblance to the bottle-like nose of the dolphin.


Meaning: Sincerity, fascination, confidence.
Ferns are used as fillers to complement floral arrangements, bouquets and centrepieces.


Meaning: Innocence and friendship.
These unique flowers are usually used for weddings, parties and events. Freesias are seasonal.


Meaning:Innocence, modesty, purity


Meaning: Strength of character


Symbolises love's presence over long stretches of time and place of Character


Meaning:Gratitude, communicating heartfelt emotion from joy to grief.


Used as fillers to complement floral arrangements, bouquets and centrepieces. Combines well with roses, carnations, Queen Anne's lace and calla lilies. An Ideal addition to Christmas - themed wreaths.


Meaning: Friendship, Fidelity


Meaning: Enchantment, Devotion, admiration.


Meaning:I will try again
Liatris come in a vast range of colours and shades of purple, lavender, pink, rose, white, bluish and violet.


By colour and type meaning:

  • Calla - Majestic beauty
  • White - Purity and virtue
  • White Stragazer - Sympathy
  • Pink Stargazer - Prosperity
  • Lilly of the valley - Devotion
  • Oriental - Symbol of beauty

Asiatic Lilies are mainly unscented varieties and have medium-sized upright-facing flowers. Oriental Lilies contain large-sized flowers and are popular for their strong perfumed scent.


Meaning: Love,elegance and luxury


Symbolise luxury, indulgence, happy life and marriage.


Meaning:Sweet dreams, a uniting of souls, implied proposal of marriage.


The unusual blooms are named in honour of Proteus, the Greek god, famous for his ability to transform into various shapes.


Meaning:I am dazzlied by your charms


By colour meaning:

  • Red - Passion
  • White - Humility and innocence.
  • Yellow - Friendship
  • Pink - Gratitude and appreciation
  • Orange - Enthusiasm


Dual symbolism - Graciousness and deception (by way of concealment).


Meaning:Sympathy, Remembrance
Also known as Sea Lavender


Meaning: Adoration, homage and devotion.

Sweet Pea

Meaning: Delicate, pleasures
Represents travel. Send a bouquet of sweet peas to wish someone them wonderful adventures and excitement on their travels.


Tulips are seasonal flowers.

  • Red - Perfect Love
  • White  Forgiveness
  • Yellow - Cheer